False Flag wins Sound Sphere Recordings “Full Circle” Rmx Competition!!!

False Flag Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Kingz of the Jungle wins the Sound Sphere Recordings “Full Circle” Remix competition!!! With Kip Killagain also Co-Owner / Co-Founder receiving an honorable mention!!! Big Respect team!!! Thank You to all our friends, fans and otherwise for all the love and support over the years!!! Watch this Space!!!







Kingz of the Jungle with support from Red & Black Productions would like to invite you to a history in the making, Jungle Music 201: The Reintroduction. “Maximum Jungle” is our event in which we will be bringing to Flagstaff LA’s very own Original Badman Junglist R.A.W. aka BBOY3000 aka 6Blocc. R.A.W. is a living legend in the jungle arena and has been an Arizona Favorite since the birth of Arizona’s Jungle music scene. As 6Blocc he has again and again topped various different DJ Music Charts etc., and more recently he is known for his work with Snoop Lion on Snoop’s hit single “Here Comes the King” which he produced with Diplo.

We will also be featuring a special set from Kingz of the Jungle’s very own co-founder and staple artist False Flag aka T.O.M. (The Obsolete Man). Most of you may know him as Shabda, an original Arizona Junglist with over 17 years experience mixing Jungle music and over 15 years producing, this will be a set you absolutely don’t want to miss. Many of his tunes and collaborations have been debuted by Kip Killagain on 6Blocc’s own “Heavy LA Radio” and on several occasions, getting rewinds and trainspots by the most scrutinizing of rudeboys.

Also featuring support from Kingz of the Jungle’s resident dj JonBoy alongside some of Arizona’s illest rudegirls, Kelly Smash (Kingz of the Jungle) and Carmen Vega (Digital Theory/Desert Eaglez). Kingz of the Jungle would like to take a moment to express gratitude to all the rudegirls dem. We recognize you as an integral part of this Jungle Movement and would like to share our appreciation by continuing to push female artists to the forefront of our scene. Respect!

The Green Room
15 N Agassiz St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

6Blocc’s music and info can be found here: