Kip Killagain

Arizona’s Original Junglist

Kip Killagain is the undisputed godfather of Jungle in Arizona, and for over 20 years he has been holdin’ it down proper in the South West and beyond. As the Founder / Co-Founder of Ruff Sumtin’ crew, as well as, X-13 Recordings, Kip has been at the forefront of the Jungle movement in the United States since day one, and has never swayed for any particular genre. Albeit Jungle / Drum & Bass is the very blood that flows in his veins, Kip Killagain is a connoisseur of all future music.


On the Cutting Edge

Kip is also one of the hardest working Dj / Producers in the game today, and is always on the go. From LA to Seattle, Phoenix to Miami, Kip has gained the admiration and respect of Junglists worldwide. With his Northern Arizona rudebwoy style, and eclectic jungle selection, he continues to remain on the cutting edge of the Jungle sound.

Kip Killagain’s Signature Sound

Kip Killagain’s signature sound was never more evident than on Kingz of the Jungle’s first slated release for 2012, “CoolBreeze” which also features the musical genius of Ceta Singley. That same home brewed sound can also be heard in a Kingz of the Jungle dubplate from the duo, “FiveFidy Maximum Gunshots,” which was played heavily on Kip Killagain & Bizzy B’s West Coast Kingz of the Jungle Tour. Keep your eyes open for Kip Killagain’s future releases on Kingz of the Jungle, as well as his collaborative work with False Flag under the moniker “The Obsolete Man.”

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First release from Kingz of the Jungle, “Cool Breeze.” Featuring a day in the life of Kip Killagain, making music with musical collaborator Ceta Singley.