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False Flag

Dark and Brooding Style

False Flag is one of the most enigmatic figures in Drum & Bass to date, a virtual ghost in the drum & bass machine, he has been quietly laying back in the cut, honing his dark and brooding style for over 20 years.  From his humble hardware beginnings on the Akai MPC 2000xl, he has mastered his way through all the various MPC models finally shedding all of them for the now favored Ableton Live and a slew of plug-ins.  His debut, “The Crossings / Inevitable” has now become a pillar for the Kingz of the Jungle imprint, and was quickly followed up with two murderous remixes from label partner & Co-Owner Kip Killagain, and Los Angeles Legend 6Blocc aka (R.A.W.)  More recently False Flag just completed his first E.P. in time to celebrate the Kingz of the Jungle 3rd year Anniversary, “The Soldier E.P.” available now!!!

In Constant Rotation

False Flag Full Body 1False Flag’s dubplates can be heard being rinsed in constant rotation by partner in crime Kip Killagain, and have been mixed by both Bizzy B and 6Blocc. You can hear a dubplate of False Flag’s featuring vocals from Mad Cobra being rinsed by 6Blocc on the Respect DNB Radio’s 5th year Anniversary.  Hear the vocals start to creep into the mix @ 10:16 Here.

After Kip Killagain played False Flag’s staple tune, “Inevitable” multiple times on tour and on Heavy LA Radio, being very well received by 6Blocc, it was only a matter of time before the Godfather of Arizona Jungle, and the Original West Coast Don teamed up to serenade the remixes. The Inevitable Remixes can be heard, and are available for purchase online Here.

More recently False Flag attracted the attention of Stateside Drum & Bass Legend E-Sassin during a remix competition for Sound Sphere Recordings first release, Epsilon’s (E-Sassin) “Full Circle.”  False Flag won the competition which featured a release on Sound Sphere Recordings along side of the likes of Arsenic, Caelum & New Theta, Centaspike & Indidjinous, E-Sassin, Jo-S, R.A.W., Mason, Matty G & Indidjinous, The Voss and D-star. Listen Here! He then went on to release his first single outside of his Kingz of the Jungle imprint, False Flag – Abducted / Burn it Down (Sound Sphere Recordings) SSR015, which released exclusively on soundspheremusic.com and junodownload.com 12-14-15.  Check out the clips below:

The Ever Elusive

Constantly evolving his sound, the ever elusive, False Flag has found himself reimagined time and time again. In a more recent manifestation, he has taken on the absence of all ego as, “The Obsolete Man.”  In this project, False Flag plays the part as the engineer, but it is the combined collaborative vibe that creates the music.  The Obsolete Man made his silent debut on Kingz of the Jungle with the smasher reworking of  “Code Talkers.”

If you would like to stay up to date with False Flag, discover his latest music at

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The Soldier

Title track from False Flag’s latest release, “The Soldier E.P.” released 04-20-2015 for Kingz of the Jungle.