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Cool Handz Luke

Partner in Crime

Cool Handz Luke has been collecting records, djing, and producing music with fellow rude boy Junglist Kip Killagain since 1995.  Together, they have one of the most extensive collections of rare jungle vinyl in North America.  Although Kip and Lucas are partners in crime, Cool Handz Luke has a style all his own.  This is made crystal clear in his remix of “CoolBreeze.”

Breathing Sunshine

Cool Handz Luke produces hip hop beats for many of Northern Arizona’s finest up and coming M.C.’s.  His Kingz of the Jungle debut “Breathing Sunshine” featured one of these up and coming M.C’s, Mic Hogg.  You can listen to clips from the album below.


Breathing Sunshine

A video for the title track from Cool Handz Luke’s debut release on Kingz of the Jungle.