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Everyday Junglist

Where do you begin to write about such a foundational figure such as the man Bizzy B? One of the originators of the Jungle sound, Bizzy B helped pave the way for a whole new era of electronic dance music. His classic tunes such as, Stamina, Rebel With A Cause, Wicked Man, and of course Everyday Junglist, just to name but a few, have been smashing dance floors for over a decade and a half. Bizzy B is an undisputed living legend in the Jungle Arena, and has earned the utmost respect from Junglists worldwide.

Bizzy B’s Brain label put out the debut releases of Mark Caro aka Technical Itch, Peshay and DJ Zinc, as well as Slammin’ Vinyl’s Mike Slammer and Red Alert. Bizzy B also released tunes on other foundational Jungle labels such as Whitehouse, and Suburban Base.


Wicked Man

Classic tune from Bizzy B & TDK – Wicked Man